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Kootenai Country Archery

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Welcome to Kootenai Country Archery, A Non-Profit organization that is providing a 3D course located just outside of Eureka. We are excited to bring a fun  shooting experience for all ages.    For access to the course and the lock code, fill out a membership form by  clicking the SIGN-UP and shoot TODAY tab at the top of the page. 

Open 7 days a week
1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sunset 


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Lets Work Together

Kootenai Country Archery course is a 10 target 3D style archery course, these targets were purchased in 2008, they have been part of an archery course up until 2015 and then stored until this year where they are being shot again. as you can see they have had their fair share of wear and tear and the course in need of some updating with some new targets. We have received two generous donations for two new practice lane targets, and hope that with a little help we can provide a fun, safe, and competitive 3D archery course that everyone can enjoy. To donate or join our sponsorship list click the button below.


New Target


Our Target


Sponsorship Tiers

If you or your business choose to join one of our sponsorship tiers, we will provide the corresponding advertisement with your name or buisness name at the practice range, in our monthly Email newsletter, and on one of the shooting lanes if you choose to be a gold or elite sponsor.

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